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Silk Yarn
100% Silk yarn and Silk blended yarn From 20nm to 70nm....
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Freeze Nylon (PA6)
Nylon BCF yarn, het setting yarn, freeze yarn. The MIN. Thickness is 660dtex/68F. If you are interested in our products, please contact us....
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Viscose and Bamboo Fiber Blended Open End Yarn (6 32S)
All the spindles have Electronic Yarn Clearer. The yarn is Automatic Winding. Package size is large, the biggest diameter of yarn can be reach to 30cm. ...
Place Of origin:
Metallic Yarn (M)
Features: 1) Made by cutting aluminum-plated and dyed polyester films into various sizes 2) Thickness: 12mic, 25mic, 30mic 3) Width: 1/69", 1/100", 0.5mm, 1mm br ...
Place Of origin:
TT Toothbrush Yarn (JT B07101a)
Article No.: JT-B0706 Count: 1/2.75Nm Componet: 50%Polyester+50%Nylon This yarn is twisted with paillette yarn, so it's very beautiful. And we can prod...
Place Of origin:
We are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of industrial thread/yarn in china established in 1993. Our products are widely used in leather goods, shoes, footwear, furnishings, car cushio...
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Top Dyed Melange Cotton/Polyester Yarns
We are one of the biggest top-dyed melange yarn manufacturers in China. Equipped with advanced machinery and strict management, our yarns are of top and stable quality. Our Kangni brand yarn enjo...
Place Of origin:
Polyester FDY
Polyester dope-dyed yarn, bright trilobal or semi-dull. More than 300 different colors. Can supply from 50D to 600D, mainly 50D/24F, 75D/36F, 100D/36F, 150D/48F, 300D/96F, 450D/144F. br...
Place Of origin:
Silk Sheep Hair Yarn
Annual output of more than 1000 tons of cashmere blending and newmodel string yards....
Place Of origin:
We provide fully drawn yarn. If you are interested in it, please contact us!...
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Combed Cotton Single Yarn/Double Yarn
Top grade JC40s--120s series of cotton yarn: 60% long staple cotton, 70% long staple cotton, 80% long staple cotton, 100% long staple cotton. 100% fine staple cotton. High quality...
Place Of origin:
MH Type of Metallic Yarn
It is M-type metallic film(1/110", 12 micron)supported by 68D(or 75D) polyester filament yarn or 70D nylon yarn. The yarn has strong tensile strength and graceful, lustrous color. This produ...
Place Of origin:
Kevlar Para Aramid Yarn (1414)
As for the characteristic of this fiber, it is five times stronger than steel in strength and durability. It has excellent characteristic tensile strength, elasticity, and cutting resistance as we...
Place Of origin:
Embrodery Metallic Yarn
1/64, 12mirocn M-Type Metallic Yarn twisted with 150D rayon or polyester. Colors: Silver, gold, brown, blue, green, pink, purple, red, rainbow, multi-color, fluorescent....
Place Of origin:
Worsted Yarn And Semi Worsted Yarn(20nm 100nm)
Our equipment includes two-for-one twister imported from Germany, bobbin winder from Italy and thread combining machine. We have 25, 000 pieces of spindles. Our products include combing no-silk ya...
Place Of origin:
Metallic Yarn (S 1)
We are specialized in the design, manufacturing and marketing of polyester and nylon sewing thread, yarn, fancy yarn, metallic yarn, acrylic yarn, fancy yarn, and elastic thread. P...
Place Of origin:
Polyester Dope Dyed  FDY Yarn
Dope Dyed Polyester FDY Yarn. We have maken more than 300colors, and almost every color could be required. Specification: 120D/48F trilobal Bright 150D/56F(72F) Trilo...
Place Of origin:
Metallic Yarn (M Type)
Metallic yarn Various kinds of golden & silvery ribbon with well-proportioned colors and high quality. We can design and produce products according to your requirements. We also welco...
Place Of origin:
Combed Cotton Yarns
As a leading manufacturer of quality combed cotton yarn for circular knitting fabrics. The most important component that determines the final quality of finished yarn is Cotton fibres. Technicall...
Place Of origin:
Fancy Yarn (JD 8048)
JD-8048 Bulky yarn 1/0. 7Nm 50% Wool 50% Acrylic We are a professional fancy and special yarn producer and supplier in jiangyin, jiangsu, china engaged in ma...
Place Of origin:
Polyester Filament Yarn
Polyester yarn from 50denier to 300denier Polyester spun yarn 21s 26s 32s 40s 50s Polyester/nylon covered spandex yarn...
Place Of origin:
Fancy Yarn   1
We are Chinese factory, product and supply all kinds of fancy yarn, TT yarn, brush yarn, polyester yarn, nylon yarn, pure cotton yarn, cotton slub yarn, chenille yarn, gold / silver yarn. The pric...
Place Of origin:
Nylon Multifilament Yarn  4
Density: 150D-2000D Tenacity: 3. 5 -8 g/d Elongation: 20-40% Shrinkage: 11% PA Twist yarn Density: 150D-2000D Elongation: 20-40% Tena...
Place Of origin:
Cotton Carded/Poly 60/40 Yarn
We are a large supplier dealing in cotton carded/poly 60/40 yarn 21s. 26s, 32s, 40s single for knitting. Please feel free to cantact us for more information you need....
Place Of origin:
Metallic Yarn (M 13)
We are specialized in the design, manufacturing and marketing of polyester and nylon sewing thread, yarn, fancy yarn, metallic yarn, acrylic yarn, fancy yarn, and elastic thread. Please do...
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