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Jade Massage Belt (PLD 003D)
Warm jade massage belt with 6 jade massage heads, and 12 work modes, it can alse heat, the temptature range is 0-50C....
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High Performance Slimming Belt (AL 2004A)
Characters: Multiple Speed Bi-Directional Invigorating Massage Features: Computer controlled elliptic oscillating mechanism. 1 Automatic oe...
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Vibro Shaper (XL S310)
Vibration belt is a whole newly designed product combining with point physical therapy theory and exercise science. It has functions of Slimming, Toxin eliminating, Massaging. The belt stimulates...
Place Of origin:
Abdominal Trimmer (006)
Slicone necklace, made with silicone gel, and Titanium, which is healthy to our body: Anti-virus, restrain bacteria Increase immunity of human body, anti-senile Stimulate wh...
Place Of origin:
High Power Belt (NJD C 06)
Kneading and roling massage functions, with transformer and DC adapter for home and car use, Two-tone, 12 DC rated voltage 19W rated power. Slide fastener package, convenient to m...
Place Of origin:
Infrared Massage Belt (XF 503MI)
Function: The belt can provide you a very comfortable oscillating & infrared massage. Most effective to slim each different part of body: Abdomen, shoulder, thighs, legs, arms,...
Place Of origin:
Body Building Belts (SD M06)
Body-Building Belts: 1) Four machines. 2) Only within 10 minutes, you can exercise your abdominal muscles approximately 600 times. 3) It has intensive 10 steps and ...
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Sauna Belt
Sauna Belt Packing: QTY: 24PCS/CTN MEAS': 77*36*54CM N. W: 7KGS G. W: 9KGS Description: Instant weight and Measurement loss! Seat away unwanted fat, eliminate cellulite, lose weight and ease muscl...
Place Of origin:
Massage Belt (HV BO8)
Massage Belt help to increase the total massage area. Best exercise tool ever! Key specifications/Special features: -Compatible to all our massagers -Safe & comfo...
Place Of origin:
Massager Belt
Specifications: MEASUREMENT: 73. 5*49. 5*36. 5CM PACKING: 12PC N. W. /G. W. (KG): 30. 5KGS/31. 5KGS 20FT/40FT/40'HQ: 2500PCS/5000PCS/5160PCS FEATURES: br...
Place Of origin:
Massage Belt (MB001)
Regular exercise is vital to our health and fitness level. While certain parts of our body such as the hands and legs have ample opportunities for exercise, areas like the tummy and bottom are oft...
Place Of origin:
Micro Computer Controlled Reducing Belt (JLS 618A)
1. Blue liquid crystal display 2. It has heatedly function 3. It has the healthily magnetic wave and the far infrared ray 4. 7 groups of vibrational massage function 5...
Place Of origin:
Body Building Belt
Product description Workout anytime, anywhere, Sleek fit Sculpts, firms and tones, muscles with the quick, inexpensive solution...
Place Of origin:
Slimming Belt (EB 2006A)
Product Name: Slimming Belt Model No: EB-2006A Features and functions: 1) Most effective to slim each different part of body - abdomen, shoulder, Thighs, legs, ar...
Place Of origin:
Massage Belt (E900)
The physiological effect of the broad band far infrared ray To increase the physiological Oxidation-reduction reactions, reduce the pileup of excessive fat and improve body constitution...
Place Of origin:
Slimming Massage Belt (0025c)
Massage belt use of microcomputer control, intelligent control and vibration massage the high-tech products. It can be around the waist, the Department of cervical vertebra, arm and thigh, using a...
Place Of origin:
Abgymnic Body Building Belt with LCD (AC 1007)
Name: ABGymnic body building belt with LCD Model No.: AC-1007 Description: As seen on tv Boy Building Belt, muscle toning belt with LCD Healthy body building massager...
Place Of origin:
Fat Reducing Massage Belt
Features: 1) Designed with six buttons: Power, automatic (P), direction, time, speed-up, speed-down 2) In automatic mode, there are three functions: Lose weight, get rid of toxin ...
Place Of origin:
Slimming Shaking Massage Belt(TB0073)
The swaying waistband is a kind of high-tech powerful fat dissolving device, which integrates microcomputer technology and high efficiency vibration mechanism. Theinternally-allocated powerful 55...
Place Of origin:
Body Building Belt (HS 2009)
Slimming belt that uses unique oscillating massage movement, simulating Traditional chiropractic massage therapy, to deliver an effective integrated toning treatment for these and other p...
Place Of origin:
Supper Spiral Vibration Slimming Belt (KT 606C 3)
Function: Slimming: Supper Spiral Vibration Slimming Belt stimulates the points that will be helpful to your weight loss, it can decompose the fat into piece, you will gain...
Place Of origin:
Belt Massager (BZ 663)
Belt Massager with 24V AC Rated Volatge and 60W Power, Provides a Well Balanced Treatment....
Place Of origin:
Slimming Belt (TC 888)
TC-888 High Performance Spiral Slimming belt. High performance slimming belt - a system of swinging oscillating mechanism. Most effective to slim each different part of body - abd...
Place Of origin:
Massage Belt (W2003 1)
1. Multifunction, strong revolving vibration can speed up local fat sport and burning local fat. 2. Auto/manual mode 3. Select six levels of intensity in oscillation. 4. For...
Place Of origin:
Weight Lose Belt (YS 352Y)
The massage loses weight the waistband The massage, disappears the fat...
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