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Hand Pump 38BTK
Hand pump 38BTK Size: D38x470mm D38x500mm Material: Iron...
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In Line Mixer (BORHP)
High shear emulsifiers or homogeneous pumps are a high-efficiency product integrating, emulsion, dissolution, refinery, disaggregation, homogenization, and emulsification. The main parts are stat...
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GP Series Self Suction Pump
Zhejiang Lihua Pump Industry Co., Ltd. Is an enterprise produces water pumps professionally. It also manufactures small submersible screw electric pumps. Many years it has been persisting in Desi...
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Shielding Circulating Pump
Shielding circulating pump series Fields of Application: Central heating installations Industrial circulating systems Circulation systems Tec...
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Stainless Steel Magnetic Pump (Light Type) (CQ)
Detailed Product Description CQ type stainless steel magnetic pump( light duty) This magnetic pump is made of stainless steel, also CQ pump can be made in many mater...
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3 Phases Vacuum Sintering Machine
It is designed for sintering diamond grinding wheel, diamond saw blade and other diamond tools. 1. Intelligent PID temperature adjustor, with high precision. 2. Non-contact infrar...
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Solenoids For Water & Air Valves
The above solenoids are mainly applied with the "Low Flow & Direct Control" Valves or "Big Orifice & Pilot Type" Valves, which are used in the systems of Tap Water or ...
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Submersible Slurry Pump (ZJQ)
Function: Used for pumping slurry and sewage under the water. Feature: Without NSPH limit, clean slurry more totally. Need not assistant vacuum pump, reduce...
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Electric Pump Series (HB 124D+)
Economy Electric Pump -- Economical Version. We provide a variety of AC/DC power selections to meet for each market's safety regulations. Includes 3 different nozzles to accommodate most ...
Place Of origin:
Dump Pump (C102)
Commercial type C101/102 replacement Dump Pumps are known for their ruggedness, reliability and interchangeability. Available in both the 101 Remote Mount and the 102 Direct Mount configurations, ...
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Semi Rotary Hand Pump
Semi rotary hand pump Features: 1) Commonly used for dispensing or transferring lubricating oils, antifreeze, and other non-corrosive fluids 2) Compatible with cons...
Place Of origin:
QD Sub Mersible Electric Pump
Pumps installation and applications These pumps are suitable for handle clean water which are not chemically aggressive to the pump. They are extremely reliable to use, quiet and virtually...
Place Of origin:
Semi Rotary Pump (K 1)
Semi rotary hand pump (K-Type) Features: 1) Commonly used for dispensing or transferring lubricating oils, antifreeze, and other non-corrosive fluids 2) Compatible wi...
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Cummins Fuel Pump
We are one of leading exporter of Cummins engine and spare parts in China. We can offer complete spare parts for Cummins 4BT, 6BT, 6BTA, 6CT, 6CTA, NH220, NT855, K19, K39 and some...
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Pump Body
The products of casting steel, casting ductile iron, casting gray iron produced by the foundry of our company are exported to many country including U.S.A., Japan, U.K., South Korea etc.. The fou...
Place Of origin:
Electric Fuel Pump Series (YH09003)
In order to meet domestic and international users' diversified demands accuratly in time, in making, the company sets up the development of the special products and produces the platform....
Place Of origin:
Model Separator
Dongguan Qingxinan Refrigeration Installation Fittings Co., Ltd. is one of specialty enterprises in supply of the liquid receiver, suction accumulator, desiccators, expansion tank, muffler, etc. F...
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CFZB Series Piston Pump (CFZB(I)0.43M AG)
Hand-pump is a small-sized oil pump that can transition from mechanical energy to hydraulic energy. Product Parameter E Pressure: 100MPa Speed: 1500r/min Pis...
Place Of origin:
Shearing Pump (JQB6550N)
Charactreristics: 1. The shearing pump increase much the hydration of bentonite partrieles 2. The shearing pump can increase the speed of dilution and hydration of polymears...
Place Of origin:
Slurry Pump
Various pumps, our products are from best slurry pump manufacturer in China....
Place Of origin:
Semi Rotary Hand Pump (K 0)
Semi rotary hand pump (K-Type) Features: 1) Commonly used for dispensing or transferring lubricating oils, antifreeze, And other non-corrosive fluids 2) Compatible wi...
Place Of origin:
Pump (DSC00182)
We have extrraordinary power, In order to keep the trace with the international pump lines, we introduced three assembly lines with 90's standaras and level, Built up mechanical processing, realiz...
Place Of origin:
Cast Pump Parts
Qingdao Casting Quality Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise with its own manufacturing factory and trading office. It offers different kinds of metal casting, forging, stamping and m...
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HW Series Mixed Flow Pump
HW Series Mixed-Flow Pump...
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The 1000 Voltage Wq Series Of Non Clog Sewage Pumps
These series are a new generation of non—clog submersible sewage pumps developed on introduced technology and the status of domestic pumps. They have many advantages such as power saving, non-jam,...
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